15" MacBook Pro Mid 2015, 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD

I have been lucky not to be affected by the keyboard issues that plague this range of MacBooks.


Spectranet modem serves my need. The reception is really nice in my area.


The Tribit headset is really cool.


I currently use Visual Studio Code for code editing with Fira Code font and a lot of cool extensions that meet my needs. You can check my config files by visiting my dot files repository.

I switch between Firefox and Google Chrome (incognito mode and Chrome Canary) as my main browser.

I use iTerm2 + ZSH for my terminal, you can configure yours to be like mine.

When working on projects, I use React, Gatsby or Next and deploy it on Netlify. I share my code and look for inspirations on GitHub, Codepen or CodeSandbox.

  • Postman (also Altair) - For HTTP requests.
  • Slack - For communication
  • Trello - I manage my projects using Trello. At work, I use Jira
  • Sequel Pro - For DB related tasks
  • Deezer - I listen to music on Deezer and have curated an awesome playlists so far.
  • Carbon and Polacode for code snippets