Chiamaka Ikeanyi

I'm a Software Engineer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
I focus on Front-end engineering at Konga where I collaborate with awesome engineers to build usable products for a huge customer base.

I'm an ardent proponent of performant and accessible websites. In my spare time, I read, draw, write poems and technical articles.

A lady pressing a laptop.

Public Speaking

Forloop Lagos Summit logo

Forloop Lagos Summit -

I gave a talk on Avoiding Shell Hell: Aliases to the Rescue.
I explained how aliases can be used to hack developer productivity to help achieve more in less time.

Vue Vixens NG logo

Vue Vixens NG -

I gave a talk on Working on your Soft Skills as a Software Developer.
I focused on enlightening Software Developers on the importance of soft skills and how to improve.

Latest Articles

Understanding Aria.

Understanding Aria

When working on complex UIs or dynamic JavaScript-updated content, there are times when you cannot achieve your goal using semantic HTML. This is…

Building Accessible Web Apps.

Building Accessible Web Apps

The web plays a big role in our lives; the home of great resources. But, you contribute towards making these resources unreachable to certain users if…

Sizing in CSS: px vs em vs rem.

Sizing in CSS: px vs em vs rem

We have been conversant with using pixels for sizing in CSS, but why use em or rem ? When building accessible websites, you need to consider…

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