Chiamaka Ikeanyi

I'm a Software Engineer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
I focus on Front-end engineering at Konga where I collaborate with awesome engineers to build usable products for a huge customer base.

I'm an ardent proponent of performant and accessible websites. In my spare time, I read, draw, write poems and technical articles.

A lady pressing a laptop.

Public Speaking

Forloop Lagos Summit logo

Forloop Lagos Summit -

I gave a talk on Avoiding Shell Hell: Aliases to the Rescue.
I explained how aliases can be used to hack developer productivity to help achieve more in less time.

Vue Vixens NG logo

Vue Vixens NG -

I gave a talk on Working on your Soft Skills as a Software Developer.
I focused on enlightening Software Developers on the importance of soft skills and how to improve.

Latest Articles

Code Review That Helps.

Code Review That Helps

Having an efficient code review process is essential to ensure code quality, grow as a team and get a good grasp of the entire project. However…

Understanding Aria.

Understanding Aria

When working on complex UIs or dynamic JavaScript-updated content, there are times when you cannot achieve your goal using semantic HTML. This is…

Building Accessible Web Apps.

Building Accessible Web Apps

The web plays a big role in our lives; the home of great resources. But, you contribute towards making these resources unreachable to certain users if…

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