2021, A Year In My Life

Life do not happen by chance but as a result of grace and meaningful planning. 2020 taught me to appreciate freedom; 2021 taught me that with grace, preparation and flexibility, anyone can progress in certain aspects of life. It was an eventful year and I'm ever grateful to God for His mercies. The eventful nature spanned till the early days of this year thus having to write this article at this time.

In this article, I will write on a few areas of my life that I'm grateful for:

Relationship ‍

Maintaining vertical (God) and horiontal (humans) relationships is a major force of life. Despite all the bustle and hustle, if the Lord doesn't bless us, we labour in vain.

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. – Psalm 127:1

God has been ever faithful to me and has shown me favour; I remain grateful to Him for the love and favour. All I can say is Chukwu okike dalu!


I wrote some articles in 2021 though not as much as I would have loved to. But hey! I know you understand that I needed to prioritize my examinations and the eventful nature of the year - I tried out a lot of new things. I also published a guest article on LogRocket and hope to write more articles this year.


I achieved 164 day streak learning French and Deutsch on Duolingo but in a bid to achieve mastery in Deutsch, I started exploring YouTube videos.


Travelling helps one gain insight into a lot of things in life: openness, tolerance, and accomodating other cultures. I see this as a means of widening one's horizon.

2021 gave me the opportunity to explore other countries; I left the geographical location I've known all through my life to explore other areas - I travelled to two countries (1 African and 1 European country) and I'm grateful for all I've learnt therein.

What's Next?

Opportunities come knocking even when we aren't seeking; I hope for an awesome 2022 - being in God's will, exploring more and living my best life.

Cheers to the new year 🥂✨

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