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Chiamaka Ikeanyi.
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Why I Blog

Each day, on this road less taken, I learn a lot by reading tech articles, documentations, solving daily challenges faced at work and listening to podcasts from great minds which I rarely document.

I've learnt that writing improves one's thought process through research and documentation and helps to reinforce one's knowledge. Over time, I've also learnt that the adage

What will be will be

does not apply to all scenarios. A better adage would be,

What we want to be, we make it be.

Sequel to this, I have finally chosen to start this blog, an intellectual journal. Each time I type git push and hit the Enter key letting the CI build pass, I let my thoughts out to the world to be read by probably a lot of people.

I hope to become more disciplined on this journey and grow to become who I really want to be and help lives, one at a time.

Wondering who I am?

I'm Chiamaka, a Software Engineer building usable products in the city that never sleeps - Lagos, Nigeria.

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Chiamaka Ikeanyi.

Chiamaka Ikeanyi

Passionate about making the web a better place by crafting accessible and performant software solutions to solve human problems.