2023, A Year In My Life

2022 taught me that the world is laden with so much goodness but we need to explore and not merely exist; 2023 taught me that not everything works the way we envisage and it's okay to rethink and re-strategize in order to achieve our goals. It also taught me that the adventure we look for in other places may be closer to us than we imagine.

Come with me on a short cruise to view a snapshot of my year.

Relationship ‍

Though I kept in touch with the connections I made in 2022 and made acquaintances with a few people, I was more in my own space in 2023; it gave room for retrospection.


I have to admit that I shouldn't feel unhappy for not doing a lot of writings in 2023. I spent my time doing useful things, so it was properly allotted. I'll write when I can.

I was able to write a poetry piece titled Yearnings Unveiled which explores people's disinterest when they ask the question “How are you?”.

Kudos to keeping this blog running for 5 years now. It's worth celebrating 🥳 🎉


I spent a huge chunk of the last quarter improving my language skills um genau zu sein German. Manchmal verstehe ich es, aber ich kann meine Gefühle nicht so ausdrücken, wie ich es möchte. Ich muss mein Deutsch verbessern.


I visited 3 countries - United Kingdom, Canada and Netherlands and learnt different things about the cities I explored and the people which is one way of broadening my horizon.

Adventure (updated)

I often shy away from things that put a spotlight on me, like invitations to speak at meetups, video coverage on how I was able to relocate to a new country and start a new life etc. Guess what? I accepted an offer from Deutsche Welle to talk about my move and the challenges I face in my new environment - Japa Nigeria! Hello cold Germany!.

Actually, based on my experience, there's no perfect country; each one come with its set of pros and cons. View the broadcast schedule and the news in French.

It's also available on other platforms:

What's Next?

It's a new chapter and I have plans for the year but who am I to say how things would go? I can only do my part and leave the rest.

A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps (Proverbs 16:9)

Cheers to more adventures 🥂✨🚀

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